YOU Are Important!

Your feedback and comments are very important to us. The more minds that contribute to a solution, the better the solution. We may not be perfect today but we will always strive to be better tomorrow.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well and that means going above and beyond what is expected.  YOU, your feedback, and comments are one of our most important assets and resources. is not a typical bingo game and our our level of service is not average, but neither are you!  You deserve the best and is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to you every day.  We believe that a happy community is one that grows by word of mouth.  Instead of investing in keywords and spam email campaigns, we would rather invest in delivering this level of service to you.  We hope that you agree and help spread the word about

Respect believes that everyone should always be treated with respect and dignity.  This begins with providing you with a user-friendly online experience where your security, privacy, and value received are top priorities.  Any information that you provide to us will be treated as if it were our own.  We will always try to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner and resolve any issues quickly and with common sense.  If one of our policies conflicts with common sense, common sense should prevail.

Innovation flourishes in an environment of constant innovation.  Delivering new features that surprise and delight our Players is our passion.  This attitude extends to the operational side of our business.  We believe in excellence and strive for efficiency and improvement in everything we do.  We always try to do more with less and never settle for "good enough".  This attitude allows us to stay ahead of our competition.  We recognize that our competition will "adopt" our innovations soon after we release them but they will always be catching up because we will always be innovating.


If you ever feel that you have not been treated fairly, we request that you reach out to us first and give us an opportunity to resolve your concerns.


In addition to stimulating your brain, soothing your soul, providing relaxation and good old fashioned competition, we always want to provide you with FUN!

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